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The 10th Annual GolfStyles Cup
36 Holes, Bulle Rock, Saturday, Sept. 7

Washington Team
Philadelphia-New Jersey Team Round 1 Four-Ball Matches

Lee Flemister & Mark Behbahani (Washington) def. Kevin McSorley & Robert Talor, 5&4
Mike Korcua & Rick Custer (Philadelphia-New Jersey) def. Vance Welch & Steve Bartlett, 3&2
Sean Boyle & Michael Keating (Washington) def. John Lovett & Larry Den, 6&5
Pete Moran & Marc Grinberg (Philadelphia-New Jersey) def. Brian Hood & David Luscome, 3&2
Matt Finger & Jon Finger (Philadelphia-New Jersey) def. Wayne Hall & Jeff Thoreson, 1 up
Mike McGreevy & Doug McDaniel (Philadelphia-New Jersey) and Yang Chen & Scott Hanel, all square
Philadephia-New Jersey leads 3.5-2.5

Round 1 Singles Matches
McSorely (Phil-NJ) def. Flemister, 1 up
Behbahani (Washington) def. Taylor, 5&4
Barlett (Washington) def. Custer, 2&1
Korcuba (Phil-NJ) def. Welch 5&4
Boyle (Washington) def. Lovett, 5&4
Keating (Washington) def. Den, 5&4
Hood (Washington) def. Moran, 5&4
Grinberg (Phil-NJ) def Luscombe, 8&7
M. Finger (Phil-NJ) def Hall, 6&4
Thoreson (Washington) def. J. Finger, 3&2
Chen (Washington) def. McDaniel, 1 up
Hanel (Washington) and McGreevy, all square
Washington wins singles 7.5-45.
Washington leads 10-8

Round 2 Four-Ball Matches
Welch-Keating (Washington) def. McSorley-Custer, 3&2
Flemister-Thoreson (Washington) def. Korcuba-Moran, 3&2
Hood-Hall (Washington) def. M. Finger-Talor, 4&2
Boyle-Behbahani (Washington) def. Lovett-Grinberg, 3&2
Bartlett-Chen (Washington) def. Den-McDaniel, 5&3
Luscombe-Hanel (Washington) def. McGreevy-J. Finger, 4&2
Washington wins four-ball 6-0
Washington leads 16-8

Round 2 Singles Matches
Welch (Washington) def. McSorley, 1 up
Keating (Washington) and Custer, all square
Flemister (Washington) def .Korcuba, 4&3
Moran (Phil-NJ) def. Thoreson, 7&5
Hood (Washington) def. M. Finger, 5&4
Hall (Washington) def. Taylor, 3&2
Boyle (Washington) def. Grinberg, 1 up
Bebhahani (Washington) def .Lovett, 3&1
Bartlett (Washington) def. Den, 6&5
Chen (Washington) def .McDaniel, 7&5
Hanel (Washington) def. J. Finger, 5&4
McGreevy (Phil-NJ) def. Luscombe, 2&1
Washington wins singles, 9.5-2.5

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