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8 Reasons You Should(n't) Quit

1. You’re terrible. Your buddies at the club apply the shankapotomas title to your game with regularity. But you know, inside, you’re not that bad. So get a couple of pointers, even a lesson, and, dear God, practice. The great Harry Vardon said anyone with reasonable athletic skill and a willingness to practice can become a 4 or 5 handicap. The problem, however, is that “willingness to practice” thing is a major sticking point for most. You daydream about all the places you still haven’t gotten to with your clubs in tow and you could really put that time to better use.

2. It’s hard. But so are other things in your life like raising a family and keeping your career on track. Nothing comes easy and golf is no exception. You won’t accept failure in other aspects of your life. Why golf? Accept the game as a personal challenge.

3. It’s expensive. Yes, the top courses cost top dollar, but prices are trending down. Plus, there are always economical courses, mostly municipals, which have improved their level of conditioning and service, recognizing they, too, now need to be consumer-friendly.

4. You’re probably never going to win that club championship.

5. Quitting may take more effort than getting better. Breaking an addiction is never easy, so you’ll probably end up back on the course anyway.

6. You have a couple grand invested in golf shirts and shoes and not that much opportunity to wear them away from the course.

7. You’ll be able to learn those last few lines of “Caddyshack” that you don’t quite have memorized.

8. Your friends hang out at the course, and maybe that shankapotomas title isn’t so bad after all.

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